Package build failing with synth


Hi all! :slightly_smiling_face:
I want install a package witch is available only from ports.
And build fails in early beginning.
sudo synth install origin/package
and i get: Stand by, building pkg(8) first … Failed!! (Synth must exit)
Any ideas?
I’m on Trident-18.12-Release.


Make sure you’re using the Trident/TrueOS ports tree, not the FreeBSD one. Double check makefile config options for ports.
You may need to poke around on github in the Trident repos to see how they have things configured.


if it is only in ports, it means it failed build for a reason.

no one has synth working yet, see that thread


Just find out, that package i want build cannot be build with libressl so its marked as broken.
Thank you all for help! :slight_smile: