Otter web-browser - updated version


I am typing this new topic post using the Qt-based Otter web browser.

Below is the information displayed in the “About Otter” section in the Otter menu bar.

 Otter 0.9.12 beta 12
 Web browser controlled by the user, not vice-versa.

 Web backend: WebKit Backend (legacy) 538.1.

 SSL library version: LibreSSL 2.4.5.

The number one complaint I have is the SSL Certificate message pops up over
and over and over and over again. It is really hard to get rid of it. The web-site, claims
they just fixed that, however, I do not see anyhwere where there is a later release than the
TrueOS version.

Second issue is the text looks kind of crackled.

The browser crashed while searching the Otter Web Site, however, when I re-opened Otter,
this topic was there after clicking : Continue Session.

According to Otter-Web Site, there is an “official version” of Otter for FreeBSD maintained
by “KDE/FreeBSD team”

There seems to be active on-going development by at least 2 commiters.

I do not hear my fan churning as much as in Firefox. Sound and video quality in YouTube is good.

So everybody, give Otter a try, and keep an eye out for the new version, which was made 17 days ago, and is probably called 0.9.13 or something higher than 0.9.12 Beta

I listened to Igor Preznyakov play “Nothing Else Matters” on YouTube while typing this post, and played
an online game of Tetravex.

Web browser support for Java

I used Otter on Linux, and I liked it. I didn’t realize it was in the ports tree. I’ll have to install it.



I gave the Otter web-browser a fair chance to become my go-to web-browser, but I need full-screen
YouTube videos and apparently there is a Qt-5 problem with that. Anybody else out there had
any luck getting full-screen YouTube videos in the Otter web-browser.


Full screen support in Otter browser? This might interest.


Did you use our port or the FreeBSD port?

clang-3.9: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
*** Error code 1


I only know how to use what is in TrueOS stable AppCafe.


On my TrueOS stable is installed this version of Otter browser:
Discourse.TrueOS is one of the web pages I use the most. Following the different links on this page crashes Otter time and again. Starting the browser from a terminal doesn’t produce much information:

~% otter-browser
No language dictionaries for the language: "en"
No language dictionaries for the language: "en"
Segmentation fault

It doesn’t crash always on the same link but quite randomly on any link. Sometimes I can click several links and it is working but inevitably it crashes on one link.
So Otter is unusable for me at the moment but that’s not that big of a problem. Discourse.TrueOS allows to stay logged in and so I switched to the Uzbl browser and that is remarkably reliable - at the moment at least.