Nvidia GTX 1060 Support


Does the latest 12/27 images support the 1060 video card?

According to the Nvidia website, as long as the driver is version 370.28 or newer, than it should work.



I’m pretty sure the current nvidia driver is 367.44, driven by upstream FreeBSD ports.


Bummer. Guess I’ll have to wait awhile then.


No need to wait. The 367.44 driver has supported the 1060 since August.


Excellent! Thanks q5sys.

Think I’ll wait till tomorrow to do the install, since I’ve been celebrating New Years with a few beers. :wink:


One quick question, has the apcupsd package been adopted for the new OpenRC yet?


apcupsd used to have an issue on FreeBSD that required you to disable the usbhid driver in the kernel. Not sure if that was fixed for the current ports, but you can use the sysutils/nut UPS port just fine (it was converted to OpenRC and I’ve been using it on apc UPSs for a while).


apcupsd works for me at the moment, but I have to run sudo apcupsd after every boot.
It seems therefore that it has not been adopted to the new OpenRC yet - and I’d even be interested in doing it by hand if I knew how.

I believe it’s possible with servers to set machines to boot when the power returns - but without automatic loading of the UPS program, that would be dangerous.


Well, the port still has this in the pkg-message file:
NOTE that for USB cable you must comment out the line

device uhid # “Human Interface Devices”

In the past, I know I had conflicts with things like a USB mouse without commenting out the line.
As for converting the script to OpenRC, it’s not that hard (search this forum for OpenRC stuff and there should be enough info to make you dangerous :slight_smile: )
“Last power state” in the BIOS usually lets you do that, sometimes hidden under power saving options.


Many thanks - will investigate further.
Had completely forgotten about the bios - so I’ll look at that as well.

Thanks again