Notify OSD and Lumina


Will Notify OSD work in lumina?

Why on the team:
# notify-send "Notification system" "example work" -i gtk-info

nothing works!


what does notify require to work?


I need to pop up a notification on the screen when the script is run.
I installed pkg install notify-osd
But she does not show anything. :frowning:


look in AppCafe?


freeBSD 11.2, Lumina 1.4.1


looking at… it requires dbus to to work. dbus is a security risk, but you can should be able to enable it


I use qt5notify but you must compile it from source.It you need support let me know.


notification-daemon works for me without problems.


I have also used sysutil/dunst to good effect.

I’m not sure dbus is such a security risk per se. Its CVE record is not much different than other open source libraries. Or rather, to rephrase, I trust dbus about as much as I would trust it as much as I would trust a modern web browser, GTK and friends, any of the Qt libraries, or any of the dozens of other libraries that make up a desktop application.