No Trash or Recycle Bin in either Insight or launchers


Hi, Don’t know if this is an error in my system or an oversight in TrueOs Lumina . There seems to be no Trash folder in Lumina-fm or a launcher for the desktop and/or panels.
The folders do exist within the folder of

Just a thought, I know as a Noob, it would make my life easier.

Btw how does one create a launcher; again thanks advance ! :slight_smile:


If you start the Thunar file manager you will find the trash folder on the left side. So it must be a simple solution for the Insight file manager. I am also only a user and player with new OS’s. I think the developers will solve this with the next update.


Thanks Slughorn, I installed Thunar after I posted this message, I decided to look up the default File manager for KDE, & yes Trash is there, I must be missing lot of file extn images as there are virtually no files showing where they should be. Do you know what extensions I need to make Thunar function correctly ?



Lumina does not use the trash specifications since those specs were really designed for addressing limitations within old filesystems. With ZFS, using regular snapshots of your important datasets is a much better way to go, since you can now have multiple versions of old files which you can recover at a later date rather than splitting up the remove routines into a “fake” routine (send to trash) and a “real” routine (clean trash).
If you delete a file within the Insight file manager, it is “really” deleted from the system, not sent to some trash folder.


I didn’t add any extension. It works for me fine. I only play around an try different things out, to learn more about TrueOS. I hope I can use it soon. I looks very interesting for me to change from Linux.

This is very interesting. I didn’t see it from your point of view. Up to now I have no experience with ZFS. I’m really curious to try it.



It is stupid. A techno nightmare.


Well, everyone has their own opinions. If you’d like help, being less antagonistic will work a lot better.


How can I recover deleted file ?


On ZFS, i do not believe that ere is any easy way


If you have ZFS snapshot(s) of your data, then you can easily restore a “deleted” file with the Insight file manager (Lumina default).

  1. Browse to directory where file used to be
  2. Move the time slider back in time to one of your ZFS snapshots
  3. Copy the desired file.
  4. Move back to the “current” or “live” version of the directory (not in a snapshot)
  5. Paste the copied file.

If you don’t have any snapshots of your data, then a deleted file is completely gone - there is almost no way to recover it. (This is very important for security-conscious people)


I am new to TrueOS and just experimenting with it on Oracle VirtualBox. How do I ensure that ZFS snapshots are being taken? Thanks.



Open up the control panel and then find the “Life Preserver” utility.
In there, click the little camera button in the lower-left corner to create a new snapshot schedule.
You can set the frequency of the snapshots as well as how many to keep maximum (it will start pruning the oldest ones after you hit that limit).