No printing from Insight or text editor?


I’m trying to print a simple text file from Lumina. But neither the Insight file manager or the Lumina Text editor have a print option or menu.
Am I missing something or doesn’t they allow to print ?


Correct for the lumina text editor.

never noticed before.Always wither used leafpad or LibreOffice


Yeah, that is just an oversight when I wrote the utility and you are the first person to ask for printing support from it.

I think we can put printing support on the list for the next round of updates though… :+1:


@beanpole135 this will be a nice feature to have, it would be nice to print our pictures directly from insight. Right click print. I will be looking forward to this feature.


Print support was just committed to the Lumina text editor. The printing of an individual selection does not seem to be working at the moment, but whole-file printing works.