No GELI on installation process



although I use GPT there are the option “encrypt disk with GELI” greyed out during the installation process.
What can I do in this case?



nope, no geli/uefi encryption. broke in FreeBSD 12.*-CURRENT

search through discourse for previous discussion and links to the FreeBSD status


Thank you Rod, for the lightning support !

  • is there any timeline for full GELI support in trueOS … ?


you have to look at the FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT repo(s) to see if it’s been committed.

Once committed, then the TrueOS devs will use it


It looks like the GELI/boot loader problem got solved ( plus GELI full disk encryption is described as one of the security features of * new * TrueOS. So I guess it will also be a feature of Trident, is that correct?

And if so, once Trident is released, can I do a fresh install into a new BE and have full disk encryption plus all my old data?


Just heard that on friday.

Probably, but not sure