Next STABLE update is in the works


The next STABLE update is being rolled right now

The new STABLE update will be called TrueOS 17.12 (Year & Month).

It should be released into the public early next week


When will unstable get lumina 1.4? :cry:


The impression I got today, coupled with what was explained last week. Once STABLE is released, UNSTABLE is in the works.

Anyone can to to the Trueos/lumina repo and grab 1.4, and install it


Wait, so stable isn’t getting lumina 1.4 in this update? That would be weird. And if it is, why is it getting it before unstable?

I didn’t think of that, but is it really that simple? What happens when an update does get pushed?


my bad, yes STABLE ill be getting 1.4 as the default.


Is this the only changelog info for TrueOS?

I’m trying to lookup what’s new or diff within the core, in the upcoming update, other than Lumina.


that’s one of the few things we have been asking for, but hasn’t been implemented yet.

No real Changelog to see what was upgraded and why.

To see what was changed during the upgrade, you could

cat /var/log/pc-updatemager.log | less

I supposed if people created a ticket on trueos/trueos-core and everyone ask for one, we might get it moved up the list of things the user would like to see


I always read the /var/log/pc-updatemager.log after each install and update, plus other logs when I have issues. But, that’s after the fact. I’d like to know what’s up and coming.

I may just do that, I’ll create a github account so I can start nagging :cowboy_hat_face:

This is very interesting - excellent see&listen lecture!


Ken did do an excellent presentation that night


Do you know if the Next Stable/Unstable .iso’s will have a more descriptive name, or will they still just be called “latest.iso?”


from why heard, they will be labelled in some manner similar



i’m not a dev, and things could change


I think there was a ticket on Github to switch it to a more descriptive name… I just looked it up and there is a ticket, and it has not been closed. I’ve been keeping an eye on because I want to reinstall the O.S. anyway might as well wait for the latest .iso but if the name doesn’t change, it could have been updated already and I wouldn’t have a way to know.

I just read an update on it. There are plenty of people that still use DVD’s to install O.S’s I am one of them. So are many of my colleagues.


The “latest” files are just symlinks to the “real” files which are date/time/version stamped, but the website was never updated to use the real files.

The ticket has not been closed because the website page has not been updated/fixed yet. The web team is working on it right now so it should be done in another day or two (they are trying to get a more reasonable layout for all the various download links, so it takes a bit more than just updating a URL).


Okay. Packages have ,finally, successfully been built. Now for a round of testing before being pushed

Well, that was a false alarm.

The devs, along with the FreeBSD dev(s)? are working on the showstopper at the moment.

The SUID bit is not being set when the updates get installed, and this can lead to many things not working. Not working properly, not working at all, or doing weird things.

Once that issue is corrected, then I believe things should be good to go


this is the thread -->


Tho, Lumina works and looks better after each update, and who needs ping or traceroute anyway. Few missing symlinks or SUID bits will not bring UNIX down and out. After few more updates things will get better. Microsoft made fortune from updates - lol

Google is also getting richer every day making Android OS updates


Anyone can to to the Trueos/lumina repo and grab 1.4, and install it

Forgive my noobyness - but can you explain a little more please.
I’m not going to do now as the new release is coming in a day or so - but it would be good to understand for the future.


from the repo

that should get you started


Many thanks - just what I needed


welcome. glad I could point you in a good direction


UNSTABLE has landed, Go forth enjoy :wink: