Newcomer Category?


Looking at this dialog on telegram:

it might be worth conserving.

To quote @RodMyers:
Not all the guests of this forum will be experts, so my suggestion is to add a category ‘Newcomers’. I would understand it as a ‘welcome’ to the curious passer-by.


hey I resemble that thread :slight_smile:

I would love for Project Trident to do that, and we probably will.

Discourse, is supposedly, just a temp home for Project Trident. We’ve been told a number of times that they (whoever they are) are looking at alternatives for Project Trident.

There is a way to get discourse to communicate with telegram. Again, was told “they” are looking at alternatives, to NOT going to put any effort in discourse until l some decision has been made.


Patience is a virtue - there are so many tasks arising while launching a new project, as a bystander I can only take a bow to all the work done by a few developers.

If Project Trident will get its own forum, I do not only understand but support the decision to refrain from wasting any effort on the TrueOS discourse.

But now you have made me curious and there is just the next thing I am waiting for. :slightly_smiling_face: