New way to look on time/calendar


I was impressed about this guy talking on date/time/calendar. In his funny way of presenting, he “answers some of the questions” we took for granted about calendar and time… He also touches some interesting facts about number nine. I haven’t dig deeper into calendar part he is talking about, but his proposition makes so much sense to me, I would be really impressed if BSD could allow me some day to choose his type of calendar. Would this be a lot of work to implement in TrueOS?


Interesting guy, I just watched (1/2) his video. I think we are all too invested in our current calendar to switch over to something like that. 13/28 starting with a zeroth month is an interesting concept, but not one that I think many people will adopt.


I agree, but starting to count from zero is also concept used a lot in programming. With 13/28 model of calendar, we could avoid lots of off by one errors


Agree with this. 13/28 calendar conception seems great and not as complicated as standard calendar. But I also think it is not possible to change in the short term. First of all, it will greatly affect the global financial system.