New release 2018 12 19 - small changes

Please try Trident PR2 as your host OS with a Virtualbox guest running
Trident or any other OS.

My guests spewed audio running on top of PR1 and prior.


there is another build being generated. hopefully it fixes this


I’ve noticed that OS-clang isn’t installed by default. However, packages such as p5-App-cpanminus seem to assume /usr/bin/cc is present. Is this an issue with the specific package/port, or should Trident be including OS-clang? I am not very familiar with FreeBSD ecosystem, but from what I’ve read online the common knowledge is that clang cc is normally available out-of-the-box in FreeBSD.

It looks like this might also have been the case with RC3; no idea about earlier builds.


I just installed it - same problem on a multiboot (with Linux) system: it doesn’t boot after a successful installation. Just the blinking cursor and nothing else happens.


install or upgrade?

video card?


Fresh install. My video card is a NVIDIA GT 520 and works fine.


are you using the correct driver set?


Yes, version 390. And this works with GhostBSD as well.


CTRL-ATL-F2, and then back again?


Are automatic updates and reboot applied in the background?
I was pulling down a live audio stream and on my return found the user login dialogue.
On signing back in, Firefox that had been running was no long.



No, it hangs at the boot loader. The same problem as with the prelast prerelease. I see an entry for FreeBSD (F3) but when I try to boot it, nothing happens and the system hangs.


should not.

now if you start upgrade process, at the moment it does auto reboot to finish.

were you running Firefox?


No I just installed it and tried to reboot.


after install, it does ask to reboot, so probably good to go


Thx Rod,
Yep, I was listening to an audio file (using Firefox) from the BBC.
I hadn’t initiated any upgrade as this was Trident-18.12-PRERELEASE2-x64-20181219 onto a new disc.
Installation was perfect. I’d added pbi programs from AppCafe [even though it showed ‘local’ not ‘trident’] - nothing ported. For example searching ‘font’ gave no hits, yet explicitly ‘gnu-unifont’ did. I’d updated xorg font conf.
I know update manager [and life preserver] are not in control panel yet - hence the default update question.
The only thing I’d yet to turn off was screensaver, which was running.


firefox has a major memory leak> i have to close it every few hours to keep it from crashing as well

open a terminal and type

sudo pkg update -f

give a few minutes. Trident is supposed to show up in AppCafe



Trident 18/12 RC2 in VM - 'stdarg.h' file not found

Tried it twice, it only worked once.

good try

Installed from Trident-18.12-PRERELEASE2-x64-20181219.iso in a VirtualBox running on Windows7 over a VM that had Trident-RC3-x64-20181110.iso installed.

  • Installer OK (as BE)
  • Boot OK
  • Was able to install via shell and use it for a quick ride

bad try

Installed from Trident-18.12-PRERELEASE2-x64-20181219.iso in a VirtualBox running on Windows7 over a VM that had TrueOS Desktop 18.03 (TrueOS-Desktop-18.03-x64-DVD.iso) installed.

  • Installer OK (as BE)
  • Book fails; it stops after the message Starting webcamd. ... [ ok ]
  • Can not change to terminal via CTRL + ALT + F2 (or any other function key)
  • System reacts to AHCI shutdown
  • System reacts to added and removed devices (e.g., adding/removing webcam)
  • Only one BE exists, the TrueOS 18.03 BEs are gone (at least in the boot menu) - is my VM bricked?

Same install ISO, same Windows7 “host”, same VirtualBox version.

boot single-user, run /usr/bin/sh
# zfs list -r

Is the 18.03 BE still there?


Yes, it is still there. Your answer pointed me in the right direction; now I could do a

mount -u -o rw /
beadm activate <name_of_precious_be>
shutdown -r now

Thank you!