New build, new options


There is a new build in the works. The purpose, and time consuming issue.

@beanpole135 is trying to remove pulseaudio from a requirement, to only needed for Falkon.

Too many issues with getting sound working.

This should be ready for internal testing today.


Thanks @RodMyers. I keep poking at the trident build page, looks like fun. “one build passes, update then 2 builds fail” :slight_smile:
Merry Christmas, let the devs know that wish includes them too.


Trueos keeps changing things underneath.

This is to remove pulse audio and try to simplify things


Funny that you should open this thread today because yesterday I browsed through the download server and for one saw new files and for another found an interesting software switch to check out the latest builds.
So, I decided to try my hunch out today…

Well, my “about” now says

~% about
Project Trident Information
OS Version: 18.12-PRERELEASE2
Build Date: 20181218125039

Actually, my first update/upgrade try failed. Propably because the tridetn-core file was just about to be uploaded to the repos - as my update process was looking for an older version of it. On the second try it looked for the one dating from today - successfully. :slight_smile:
So, switch and update/upgrade were successful on my test system.

I can’t tell any difference between the previous, regular 18.12-PR and the non-public “release” from today. The annoying pulseaudio 100% CPU clogging is gone, but that could also have been absent in the previous update. But as you mentioned something about pulseaudio I’m not so sure about that. The python27 100% CPU clogging is still there, though.

I’d really love it if I one day didn’t have to have “sudo kill [PID of python27]” at the ready… :slight_smile:


Well, more - or rather some at all - digging into the python2.7 100% cpu load led me to deactivate hplip from startup/boot. I guess at the next boot-up of my test machine I’ll see if python still goes crazy until I forcefully shut it down. :slight_smile:


python and hp-lip are whining about dbus.

had to do the same