Network Similation und design Tools



what are the Network simulation and design tools that are available on TrueOS nativity?
I know their are many ways getting things done using Virtualbox etc.

But i like know what the tools that i can use? What are the things you use?

Simulation tool: similar to packet tracer (cisco)
Design tool : similar like visio (Microsoft) I use gimp


Design tool: if you are looking for something to do drawings (like for networks and dataflows), LibreOffice has a “draw” that works quite well; you can save in native odg format and also export to PDF.

Simulation tool: I don’t know of one; perhaps internet search for “FreeBSD network simulation tool” may give you an idea if anything is available.


GNS3 it works very similar to cisco packet tracer. You can add computers, and switches, not just cisco ones, if you have the images for it you can add any router or switch that you like. Juniper, Adtran, Cisco, HP, Netgear, Dell, etc… and the best part of it is that it’s in the AppCafe. Similar to Visio is LibreCAD (very steep learning curve for it though but ) once your done putting all your tools, and menus where you want them it becomes easier.


Thank you Groot i try that out!!

Installed GNS3 is qemu[PIX emulator] important? if yes, How would i fix it?
Message from gns3-0.8.7_1:

GNS3 FreeBSD limitations :

pemu (PIX emulator) is not available


I’m not sure what purpose PEMU serves. But If I had to guess, I would say it’s the thing that emulates Cisco PIX firewalls, and it’s not available in FreeBSD.

Also from that message I read as a limitation of their software on the FreeBSD platform. So there is no “fixing it.” We are simply not able to run a simulated PIX firewall at all.

Is emulating a PIX firewall in GNS3 important?.. I guess that’s a question for the person and purpose that they are running a Network Simulator.

disclaimer I’m just guessing at it here, because I don’t know for sure what “PEMU” is. disclaimer


Well thanks PIX firewall is not important at the current state. GNS3 is running fine, downloaded yesterday some iso images. I will try them sometime some out.