Need help for configuring multiple keyboard layouts


Hello all
I am trying to set up in a fresh-installed Trueos two different keyboard layouts, one for English and one for Greek by using exclusively the GUI tool provided by Trueos ( fcitx )

While I have placed the two input methods (English and Greek keyboard), I cannot find a simple way to toggle between these two languages with a shortcut key combination - lets’ say ALT-shift. The “Global config” section of the fcitx utility it is too undocumented and complex to understand. Also I cannot find a way enable the language icon on the task bar,

Please could you advice what should I adjust on fcitx in order be able to use a shortcut keyboard combination for toggling between these two languages and how to enable the language icon on the task bar?

Great thanks


There are few answers to your questions. First, that you may already know, is that International input method does not work for all apps in all desktop engines (frameworks) with *NIX enviroments. But, when the GUI desktop engine and an app support international keyboard input, then here are some hints:

  1. CTRL_SPACE should let you switch from one input method to another within an app. Tested in Libre-Office Writer.
  1. The “fcitx” in TrueOS appears on your task bar (by entering the “fcitx” command in a term or clicking on the “fcitx” app’s icon, from TrueOS (Browse Applications) menu or desktop’s shortcut, if you created one) with ez mouse access to configure your language input method.
  2. The input method should switch automagically, as set to your desired language within the “fcitx” on the task bar, in any app that supports that feature along with a GUI desktop engine that you may use.

A simple test in Libre-Office Writer shows this - not sure if that’s good Greek, but …

Hope this helps.


Thanks, that was actually the issue, I was trying lang switching through the terminal.
It would be good, though, if we can change keyboard from within terminal and from within all the forms of lumina desktop and its apps.