My suggestion to the project please read and see



Not gonna happen because TrueOS/Trident/FreeBSD/DragonFlyBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/HardenedBSD are not Linux or Linux based.


can not be used for bsd


I’m sure it could be ported to work with BSD if someone cared to but I don’t think it would really give much of a benefit.


everything is written in the article with reliable atomic updates


What do you mean can not be used for bsd?


for this projectTrueOS or Project Trident


for either TrueOS or Project Trident or FreeBSD. Is there licensing issues or something?


gpl I do not know which version of the license


For more information about how znx works, please refer to the documentation.


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Here is my translated answer :slight_smile:
Nie da rady! *BSD nie lubi Linux i tego nie potrzebuje - lol


I believe you can have software together with both licenses together as long as you follow what each license requires for the bit of code it refers to.


will it be included in the operating system


I seriously doubt any trueos, project trident devs would include it


Both Linux and BSD community seem to suffer from “not invented here syndrome”. However, since this znx just appeared on the scene I would consider it immature and wait to see if it really works reliability and is actually useful


Not so much that.

Mainly the licensing issue’s


I think BSD suffers from “No one wants to bring it here syndrome.” BSD has tons of things that weren’t invented on BSD but ported from other architectures. But look at things like Mathematica, they made a Linux version of it but not a BSD one, looke pgAdmin4 they made a BSD version, but no one has made a port for it yet.


When you say licensing issues, do you mean specifically about the gpl’s forced code sharing terms?


I’m not a *BSD hater, I’m just trying to understand the BSD culture is all.