Multibooting TrueOS and PCBSD


I have a 1TB HDD with 2 systems on it currently, Win-7(seldom used) and my PC-BSD 1
I want to install TrueOS in one of two ways. Or maybe both at some point.

  1. As a new BE in my current PCBSD system or
  2. On another partition of the same HDD
    A: Can I install ( fairly safely) as in #1 ? If so what do I need to watch out for?
    B: Can I install on another partition without it interfering with the first or vice
    C: Big problem; should I use the BSD boot for the trueos or Grub since the first tw
    D: Now that BSD Loader is doing ZFS file systems and BE’s, can the grub loader I’m


I’ve always done on gnu/linux dual boot setup I don’t know windows, roughly create a partition dedicated to TrueOS, install grub from trueos, I think on trueos running os-prober to point out other systems (windows) at grub, but I’m not sure.
I use gentoo grub and unable to start quietly the partition of ZFS trueos.
Before doing anything you always backup


Heh, in the notifications email, It appears this has stirred up a lot of discussions on the subject which I hope to bookmark and save because there’s a lot of points covered that are important but which I could never remember in enough detail to be able to use.
None of this, tho has touched on the subject I need information about., which is how to go about multibooting two different partitions of BSD, PC-BSD and TrueOS.
And the options are!!

  1. Install TrueOS on a partition by itself, as OS #3, where #1 is win-7 and #2 is my old PC-BSD 10.3 ( not in the order of priority) which reside on the first 2 of 4 partitions on a 1TB HDD the third is anarchive and #4 will be the proposed new OS.
    The questions then become:
    A. Do I use the grub loader because PCBSD has used that to to boot either itself or win-7, thus remaining consistent and hopefully compatible with that loader. OR
    B. Do I use the FreeBSD loader (which I prefer) and try to get PC-BSD’s grub loader to recognize it.

A third Possible option arises. Now that the FreeBSD loader now recognizes ZFS and BE’s, Is it possible to replace the old grub loader and still run my PC-BSD 10.3 from the new loader replacing grub all together?