Mount folder from FreeNAS storage in BSD jail



I was using the Emby3.3.1.0 plugin, and it worked fine, but I guess Emby released a BSD version Emby released a BSD version and made the plugin version not work anymore. I tried creating a jail inside of FreeNAS but it just keeps giving me errors so I created a jail on a diffrent computer outside of FreeNAS and installed emby and it works, but now I can’t get my movies on there.

I thought it was because I had to allow raw sockets so I did

iocage set allow_raw_sockets=1 EmbyJail

and then tried to mount /net/ in the jail but that did not work, I tried

cd /net/

I can cd into that folder from outside the jail but not from inside of it. And I need to mount that FreeNAS volume on this jails so that the Emby instance can scan that media file.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys.


I had to mount it on the host system… mount -t nullfs /net/ /iocage/jails/EmbyJail/root/media worked for me.