Mount a DVD drive



I will mount a DVD drive but there is an error:
[max@myBSD] /SATABACKUP/myBSD# mount -t iso9660 /dev/cd0 /media
mount: /dev/cd0: Operation not supported by device

What can I do?

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Music or data ?

  • stable - data


automount should show it on the Desktop. if you are using lumina.

  • no - I use XFCE


use the search icon , top right.

search “xfce automount”


It doesn’t on my system TrueOS 17.12 STABLE Lumina desktop environment.

To mount a data dvd I have to insert a cd first. That gets me the following line with the # mount command:
/dev/cd0 on /.autofs/cd0 (cd9660, local, noatime, nosuid, read-only, automounted)
Then I manually eject the cd and insert the data dvd. The desktop icon won’t change and a double click thereon now opens Insight with the content of the dvd.

The # mount command produces exact the same line like above. Ejecting the dvd and inserting a different one is working as well and the desktop icon stays unchanged. As soon as the desktop icon is lost the system won’t automount a dvd until I start the same procedure again. But to do this I just have to stop automountd and start it again to get the process working again. Without this no cd or anything else was automounted again.
Playing a movie dvd with VLC is working without any of this fuss since there is no mounting involved.


@RJules3 you say “data dvd” That is likely the issue; one can write a CD9660 ISO image to a DVD (lets you get above the CDROM size limits), but something that is not CD9660 formatted means you need to do special stuff. Your comment about playing it straight with VLC is more info about this.

I wonder if the autofs/devd configs and helper scripts can be tweaked to recognize some of these other formats so they do the “right” thing.


Thank you for your reply @mer!

The data dvd shown in the screenshot above seems to be in cd9660 format. Manually I can mount it with the simple command # mount -t cd9660 /dev/cd0 /mnt. I get the line /dev/cd0 on /mnt (cd9660, local, read-only)with the # mount command. The content is accessable.
My post above was meant to point out the issues with automounting a data dvd on my system. It’s just not the same like automounting a USB thumb drive or a CD.
Unfortunately I don’t know how to check which format a data dvd is written in. Since most of them are at least about eight years old I assume they were written with a graphical tool in Debian Linux Gnome(1or2) desktop environment.

Good luck, both of my test data dvds were cd9660 formatted and most of my data is on CD / external hard disks anyway.