Monitor Resolution Wrong with New 18.12 Installation


But @RodMyers said it doesn’t work. Who shall I believe?


you have nothing to lose.we’ve rebooted, and removed the xorg.xonf already, so no big deal


OK, it happened like you (and I) expected - the graphic crashed!

I redo the xorg.conf file now.

The contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old would be
helpful for both Driver "modesetting" and Driver "intel".
In the meantime you appear stuck with Driver "vesa".


Command not found.

I’m thinking if any of the XF86-video drivers in AppCafe could be useful?


sudo cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log

sudo cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old

please use to post both, then post the link here


Wow, that’s a lot of text.

A little less.


@RodMyers . Considering the logs I posted above. Have you or any of the devs found any solving on the graphics issue to increase the resolution?


not sure.posted over on telegram and maybe someone can assist.

are you on telegram?


No. As far as I understand Telegram is some kind of program for accessing smartphones on the computer (I’m probably wrong). However, I don’t own a smartphone and won’t buy one either simply because I don’t like them.

Btw, is the #trueos channel at still active?


thought I would ask. Yes, cell phone is required


Please keep me informed. Are you a moderator on this discourse? Reason why I ask is that if you are you can see my e-mail address.

You never posted the Xorg log with Driver "intel"
in /etc/X11/xorg.conf



yes, a moderator here and on telegram


I posted two logs in post #47. I Don’t know how to create any other logs.
And create a log from when I set the driver from “vesa” to “intel” cannot be done since that makes the graphics crash and I can’t get in to the system unless I rebuild the xorg.conf file, and then you get the logs I already posted.

You posted the log from vesa and modesetting.
Change the driver to intel.
If Xorg crashes and you cannot log in via a virtual terminal,
CTRL-ALT-F1, then reboot and boot single user,
mount -u /, and change the setting back to vesa.
Reboot again
/var/log/Xorg.0.log.old will contain the intel driver log.



OK. Did the Xorg crashing routine again (pooh! :wink: ).

Hope this log helps so we can solve this graphics and screen issue (at the present 1024x768 which is too low).

Think I said this before, but although Xorg crashes and it doesn’t boot up (stops at the text “login”), everything in OpenRC gets a green OK at normal boot (not single user).

# pkg install xf86-video-intel
and then repeat the test


Well… It worked… Or? Lets says, at least it didn’t crash. But the resolution became even crazier.
It’s now 1366x768 and if I set it back to 1024x768 I don’t get full screen.

But then I came to think about an idea that @RodMyers came up with earlier to change the DPI on the login screen, so I fiddled with it a little, logged in and out a few times and came to the conclusion that a lower DPI is the way to go, not higher.

It’s interesting, high DPI gives tiny icons and giant text, and low gives the opposite. However, I found that Standard 96 seems to be the best… And whola! Now it looks kinda normal. Thanks a lot!!! :star_struck:

Then if you also would find a driver that finds the mic function, my happiness would be total :slight_smile:
I know from 18.03 that it doesn’t help to install PulseAudio, but it probably needs some kind of driver.

Open a new topic for your microphone issue.
Include the output of these two commands:
# cat /dev/sndstat
# mixer
and whatever method you used to test recording.

Plenty of microphone success stories on