Mega sync client



I am interested in switching to TrueOS because of instablility and user problems/concerns over systemd. I have been using Linux for many years, but I am willing to switch and learn unix.

The only problem I forsee is with megasync. I must be synced with other computers in my business environment, usually running Linux with megasync.

Would this be possible, or failing that, what cloud/sync client would be reccomended/compatible for TrueOS and Linux?



haven’t played with it myself, but in the TrueOS repo is a program called “rclone”


Have you tried megatools?.. It used to be in the Ports collection under /usr/ports/net/megatools


If megatools is for setting up a megasync client, that would be excellent.

I’ll check that out, thanks!


From what I understand, because of changes made on the Mega website, the megatools package is no longer functional.

If anyone running TrueOS can recommend a functional alternative to MEGA, that would be easily installed with app cafe, I would appreciate it.

Meanwhile, I will check out rclone as suggested earlier.


Can you elaborate on what exactly you weren’t able to do?.. There is nothing I see about not working on FreeBSD according to their github page Also you may want to shoot the port maintainer an e-mail. (max @ kostikov .co)


I did not properly research the information, and it was wrong and/or out of date.
I will install megatools and try it again.

Thanks for the link.



I came across a rather simple solution I wanted to share, if anyone needs to run the megasync client in TrueOS: install the megasync client via wine.

Too simple, just download the Windows installer. It runs perfectly and functions just as well as in Windows or Linux, and even places an icon in the system tray.