Md5sum - download .iso


Yo folks,

I just downloaded the .iso.

That download worked but two requests:

  • please consider a FTP listing instead. I am an aging oldschool Linux user … FTP listing, sorted by date, give me the most information rather than blindlessly dabble about :stuck_out_tongue:

  • even more importantly, can there be an easy way to also show the md5sum or shasum or however you validate the downloaded .iso? I want to burn it on a DVD and test it (I knew the old PC-BSD), but I want to make sure that the download is ok before burning… there is almost nothing more frustrating than trying to install a new OS and it fails because some bytes are missing … thanks!


I need to add - I actually meant not “instead”, but the FTP listing ADDITIONALLY.

I am fine if other people find the verbose way easier. I for one like the oldschool
boring FTP listings.


Did you take a look at this page?
From my point of view it looks like the thing you need.


I know some people have trouble realizing that BSD while it is Unix it is not Linux. The SmartOS people seem to have the problem, everyone asks them why their Linux applications don’t work in their “Distro.” I have seen Bryan Cantrill (only via youtube though) try to explain to people that while SmartOS is Unix it is not Linux.

% md5 NameOfFile.iso

If You want to check the SHA sum

%shasum NameOfFile.iso