LXDE - The Case of the Missing Trash Bin


Do you have to install something in LXDE to get a trash bin ?

I tried in File manager clicked on go to Trash bin,
got “Operation Not Supported”.

Or is there a command line way ?

I want to be careful because the deleted files are from an external usb drive that holds all my data.



remember, lxde, like the rest of linux DE’s, require many other background (re: insecure) services to run. Are you running those services?


Don’t know. I just tried right click on desktop, then select Desktop Preferences, the selected “Desktop Icons”.

There is a “SHow Trash Bin” icon but it is grayed out !

I think I’m going to search for a command line solution.

Or… I wonder if my datasets will get zonked if I export WITHOUT emptying the trash ?



it’s more than likely the linux cruft not running.



But I had to have a way to move icons around on the desktop.

Right now I got this, maybe later try other ways.

Performance of giant folder copies to usb disk is PHENOMENAL.

Will try to confirm how run win 32 bit apps on wine later and then post on Tips/Tricks.

Over and Out !



I just installed PlayOnBSD, and loaded a 32bit program called PMView. It runs fine


LXDE is one of the better DE’s for Linux (in my opinion). It’s not very heavy weight at all; not sure why the trash bin isn’t showing up for you. permissions, ownership of a “trash” directory?


I think KDE is… I have 64GB RAM, an i7 processor, and a 1TB SSD hard drive. I like the Window effects on KDE that’s what makes it “better” in my opinion. If I had a 486 processor with 2GB of RAM and a 4500RPM HDD, I might change my mind as to if that is really “better”. Right now I don’t mind the “bloat” as long as I can have wobbly windows, animated minimise and maximised windows, bell + whistles, etc… Ever since I moved to Lumina full time, that’s the only thing I miss from KDE is the animations.


Thanks for mentioning that “PlayOnBSD” thing. I saw it a while ago and meant to try it.

Maybe I’ll try that before going through my .bashrc “alias” machinations.



Fluxbox window manager is good enough for me, if I have to do GUI, locally or remotely, fairly ez to customize to make a nice desktop.

Btw, Lumina’s desktop was driven by fluxbox wm, I think


“I’ll see your fluxbox and raise you a WindowMaker or call with twm”
(as long as we’re going old school with just Window Managers).

I think I saw something, somewhere about CDE running on a BSD box. Remember CDE? Solaris/OpenVMS “Common DeskTop Environment”? Had all the others beat at the time.


I’m in!
But if I loose, I may have to go back to the stone age tech - LOL
Maybe we all should start over and make it better comeback - heh


I have to admit I’ve been running WindowMaker as my windowmanager on pretty much anything *nix for along time. My home brewed FreeBSD desktops, various Linux machines at work, probably even on Solaris at one point. And now on TrueOS.


Oh good grief, I must read more, didnt know gnustep compliant desktop was available.

Now that I will try.

OK, later …



WindowMaker certainly gives the look and feel, look in AppCafe for “gnustep” stuff, gnumail is a mail client, gworkspace is more of a desktop/workspace manager.