Lumina Handbook webpage shows 404 error


When on the site I clicked on the handbook button and received a 404 error. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. Are we never going to get a Lumnia handbook on the site?


This post is explaining this to be a known issue but doesn’t give an estimated time of arrival. So it is not to be expected coming soon.
During the desktop times of TrueOS there was a handbook present:

So I wouldn’t use the expression ‘never’ but it’s possibly a long waiting period.


That’s is better reading than the handybook :slight_smile:


I would think that if iXsystems wanted, they’d be able to show a message saying the handbook is in development and then redirect people to the github page. Having a cryptic error and leaving it at that seems lazy, especially if it is a fix that’s easy to implement. Bummer :confused:


For several days now this link is leading to the lumina handbook version 1.0. Hopefully it won’t be closed again soon! :slightly_smiling_face:


i guess the iX sys adminshave finally got the hint on fixing it