Lumina desktop - Resize Windows


I like being able to resize windows when using a desktop GUI. It seems that most of the windows in Lumina cannot be resized except for using the minimize and maximize buttons. Am I missing something?


Furthermore the biggest issue I have is that windows are the wrong size in the first place.


Plus they return to their original (most often too small) size once you navigate away from them and then back again. I think I already mentioned this on the issues section of github.

Regarding resizing: in the lower right corner of a window you can left-click + hold the button and then resize the window (it’s a very very small area which is sometimes hard to hit).


Thanks. I will give that a try.


I do see that now. In some windows it is marked with a line in the bottom corners. Some windows have three right leaning lines in the bottom right hand corner with one horizontal line at the bottom. Is it just me, that there seems to be some inconsistencies? It could also be the particular application window and not Lumina itself.


I think you have to wait for Lumina 2.0 (


It is actually an application issue, and not the window manager. I am not yet ceratin as to how it can be resolved. At least from my understanding the application window sizes are hardcoded, and having the new window manager will not fix this.


An easy way to resize an application window is to place the pointer into the window (anywhere) hold the ALT key and click and hold the right pointing device button. Now move the pointing device in any direction and the window is changing the size accordingly.
So far that worked on all applications I am using on TrueOS 17.12 STABLE (Lumina desktop environment).


Thank you.


I think it still may depend on the application though.


Thank you for sharing this trick! I’m using Lumina on vanilla FreeBSD and this works flawlessly for resizing windows.


I recommend using Openbox as the window manager in Lumina. It handles windows properly (states are saved/restored as they should) and you get an alt+tab menu.

The downside is that you will need to configure the window manager settings in a text editor.

Add WindowManager=openbox under [General] in ~/.config/lumina-desktop/sessionsettings.conf to enable Openbox.

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