Love TrueOS But no sound through HDMI


First I love true OS I started installing it about a week ago I’ve always used FreeBSD. But everything is working great except for one thing and I’ve researched everywhere and I cannot fix the problem I have my laptop hooked up to my flat screen TV through HDMI I get a picture but I get no sound I’ve tried everything. If I could just get this problem fixed I plan on using true OS as my new operating system


output of the following commands:
cat /dev/sndstat
sysctl -a | grep -i hw.snd

That gives us a starting point. What are you running for the desktop, Lumina? If so, there should be a sound mixer widget somewhere that lets you select the device to use for output.


This happened to me… I ended up buying a higher quality HDMI cable, and it started working. If you can borrow one from someone I suggest you try out a new cable. The HDMI cable works fine for my PlayStation, but will not produce sound on TrueOS. I’m not sure what is up with that, your case might be different, but that’s what I did to resolve mine.


Cool thanks I’m going to go buy one tomorrow and check it out


I encountered the same issue, but I think this is a regression.
I’ve been watching videos through HDMI from my TrueOS laptop with working sound sometimes around summer last year. When I tried the same thing a few weeks ago it was no longer working and Pulseaudio wasn’t and still isn’t showing HDMI as an output.

Cable was the same (I had the same HDMI cable in my Laptop bag for ~4 years now…) and is working properly with other devices.

Never found the time to look further into this, but I suspect it is either a regression with Pulseaudio (I hope this mess gets ripped out ASAP…), or maybe the intel/i915 driver which changed a lot in the last ~6 months.
@theromchip: Is your HDMI port provided by an Intel GPU and are you using the intel driver?