Looking for a stable version to install



I would like to install a stable version of TrueOS. The only version I have found dates back to March 2016: TRUEOS10.3-RELEASE-03-31-2016-x64-DVD.iso

Could you direct me to the latest TrueOS release (64 bits)?

Many thanks


Where did you find that old version?

have you looked here? -> http://download.trueos.org/master/amd64/



Yes, this is the “TrueOS Current Download Directory”. I am looking for a stable version.

I found it in the “Legacy PC-BSD® Releases” directory: https://www.trueos.org/downloads/


look at the directory using the link I sent. It has the current ISO/IMG files


What do you mean by “current ISO”? Do you mean the current/unstable version of TrueOS?

I am looking for a stable release, not a version that tracks FreeBSD’s current branch.


TrueOS always tracks the FreeBSD CURRENT branch (albeit with some extra patches applied for stuff like the video drivers). If you want an equivalent to PC-BSD which is following FreeBSD 11.x, then you’re out of luck. The PC-BSD/TrueOS guys aren’t doing anything like that anymore now that they’ve changed things from PC-BSD to TrueOS. That was part of the name change. They did change it recently so that the “stable” repo of TrueOS (which is the default) only gets major updates every 6 months or so. So, it’s not tracking CURRENT quite as closely as it was initially (though anyone wanting that can switch to the “unstable” repo for their packages), but it’s still tracking FreeBSD CURRENT, not FreeBSD stable. If there’s going to be a “distro” or “spin” of FreeBSD which is like PC-BSD used to be and tracks FreeBSD stable with a focus on desktop systems rather than servers, someone else is going to have to do it.


Basically, we stopped using the “-Stable” and “-Release” branches of FreeBSD because they are already way out-of-date for desktop/laptop use as soon as they are released (in many cases it is years behind the technology curve). If you actually want to use FreeBSD on a modern laptop for instance (anything within the last 3 generations of Intel chipsets: Broadwell, Skylake, Kabylake) then following the “-Current” branch is the only way to do it.


And TrueOS STABLE has been quite stable lately.

These days, following traditionally “STABLE” releases means a choice to remain outdated. :cry:


There is always GhostBSD.


Fair enough. My laptop is quite recent so this might be the way to go!

I am not familiar with current versions. If I install the current ISO from July 5th, will I be able to install newer current versions (e.g. August, September, October and so on) without reinstalling my system?

The compatibility test that can be launched before the installation is very useful. Unfortunately, my WIFI is not recognized yet. This is why I need to keep my system up to date.



I remember, when installing TrueOS, WiFi started working only after reboot.
So, it doesn’t mean it’s not supported, but perhaps you should install and get a try to be sure.