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I finally decided to jump and installed TrueOS on my PC-BSD-running main computer (after experimenting with a spare computer, where things mostly work, including changing the shell). A big mistake.

I got bash and changed the shell to /usr/local/bin/bash in the user manager. After logging in again (or after a restart) the login panel offers “Charlie&”, nothing else. It took me some time to figure out that the root password lets you in.

NOTE: I suppose this is some computer nerd idea of a joke. It would be polite to write “root” instead and save other people some time.

I am logged in as root, now what? I wanted to revert the shell to what it was before, but I can’t open the control panel: it shows up for a fraction of a second and disappears again.

I spent a whole day installing, transferring data and configuring. Please tell me as soon as possible what could be done. But remember: there is no access to the control panel. It all has to be done through the command line.

I am “using” the latest stable version (201704211306), everything default.

Thanks, jhz

User Account WIPED OUT in Control Panel

Actually the “Charlie&” is not a joke, it is the user full name associated with an account.
chpass is the command line tool you can use. man chpass

Previous shell was probably tcsh (which tcsh tells you full path) if it’s /usr/bin/tcsh you would do:

chpass -s /usr/bin/tcsh username

where you put in your username

Sounds like the same problem as here:


Thank you. I suspect I made a typing error when changing the shell, which resulted in the Charlie& login thing. I reinstalled into the existing tank, so it wasn’t too painful.


Well, the fact that you changed it through the existing tools and it got messed up, coupled with the other thread I linked to, may point to a problem in the tool. There should be field validation going on before it tries to do anything else and should have flagged the problem.


Maybe a dropdown menu letting you choose the shell in the field where one types the path/to/the/shell would help.


Learning to use the default FreeBSD shell and not relying on bash could probably help also :slight_smile:

I just recently moved to TrueOS from PC-BSD and once I did that, I was very upset every time I turned my computer on because I expected thing to work like before.

I tried to do something and it didn’t work :rage:. Like single clicking an application, and it didn’t open because Lumina requires a double click which is different than in KDE which open an application at a single click.

Virtual Box stopped working, no Full Disk Encryption, and no way to easily browse to my NFS folders.

Once I let go of the past and made my self think, “This is the way it is now old man, adapt or perish.” I found out that it’s not so bad.

the double clicking I’m still getting used to, the Full Disk Encryption I found out everybody wants but it’s not to the point where it would help anyone so the FreeBSD team is delaying it a little bit to get us a good solid product instead of an inferior product that they can push out faster.

And I’m starting to believe Bryan Cantrill about Oracle being worse than the Nazi’s. Oracle DOES NOT support VirutalBox for FreeBSD a port maintainer has to hack it to work on FreeBSD because Oracle (and I repeat) DOES NOT oficcially support FreeBSD. That has nothing to do with TrueOS, or or FreeBSD or NetBSD or DragonFlyBSD, VirtualBox not working is all on Oracle.

And for the last thing that upset me was my NFS folders. I would go into the search bar in KDE and type nfs://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and it would direct me to my folder that didn’t work in TrueOS and it upset me, until I found out you just type /net/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and it directs me to my NFS folder than I was like well that was easy, and I was just being dumb because things didn’t work like I was used to.

I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s not so bad here in TrueOS land sure we are having some rough patches, but (at least in my opinion) it’s way better than being anywhere else, like Window10 for example. Give it a fair chance and you might like it more than PC-BSD I know I did. And I was one of the few that kicked and screamed to stay in the past while the devs where trying to drag us into the future.


Very true.
I’m still too used to LXDE + Compiz + smb:// + Opera Browser to make the switch to Lumina, but some day I’ll take a deep breath and dive into the future.

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