Linphone can't find camera/mic device


OK. Can’t get Linphone to find my usb camera/mic device.
Have added:
webcamd_enable=“YES” to /etc/rc.conf
cuse_load=“YES” to /boot/loader.conf & loader.conf.local
Have reviewed usbconfig to get ugen.unit.addr values
Have executed
sudo webcamd -d ugen0.2 -i 0 -v -1 -B
with response
Attached to ugen0.2[0]
The Linphone video dialogue box has no devices in the dropdown to select from (apart from the default staticImage)
Now I’m sort of out of ideas…
Anyone else got Linphone up and working?


since trueos uses openrc, the rc.conf entry for webcamd is not needed.

laptop camera or usb camera?

Do you have read permission on the device?


Thanks Rod.
'Tis a usb device.
Adding webcamd user to wheel or operator groups makes no difference.
Not sure how to check ‘read permission’ for the device.
webcamd is active for ugen address in services list.


my cell laptop camera is the same way

dumb question. are you sure that camera works in FreeBSD?


The camera worked in pevious TrueOS versions.


had to ask

best I cab offer, head over to githubm and create a bug report


might just see if another app can use the camera first in case it’s just a linphone bug. Thx.


say cheese :slight_smile:

last year, I used the program called cheese. Have not had the need to use the camera yet.

give cheese a try

From /etc/devfs.rules
add path 'usb/*' mode 0660 group operator

So I think webcamd user in the operator group would suffice.

Doesn't look like webcamd offers much in the way of logging:



Thx John,
I edited
add path ‘usb/*’ mode 0660 group operator
No luck.

The application Cheese requested I
sudo pw groupmod webcamd -m me
Again, no luck.

Camera works fine on MS machine so I guess there’s a problem with Trident and this hardware [Logitech QuickCam]

We're likely doing something wrong.



I’ve placed a bug report on github.


Cheese is not working here. Though Webcamoid is. You could try it.


Thanks Sergio,
Linphone video now works [selects v4l2]. Not sure if Update 4 or installing webcamoid application caused the change.
Your right, Cheese still fails to locate webcam device.