Lil’bit of separation anxiety


I feel sad and confused, all at the same time, due to present state of affairs in TrueOS and Project Trident.

I had great time, in the past (almost 2 years), testing, playing, learning and using various releases of TrueOS desktop, until version 18.03 and the birth of Project Trident. While testing Project Trident Beta 3, I got really frustrated with the fact that I had issues with the most important (to me) FreeBSD jail utility called “iocage”. This utility made me the FreeBSD convert and jail geek, just like AppCafe, Sysadmin and Lumina made me TrueOS desktop version freak.

That said, after learning of the “NO upgrade/update path” in the current TrueOS/Trident release(s) until who knows when, in order to continue my infatuation with FreeBSD, I decided to go pure and do fresh install of FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE with Lumina/DE pkg to utilize GUI desktop as my workstation and use iocage jails for my TCP/IP servers without interruptions.

Bottom line!
No matter what my feelings are towards present state of TrueOS/Project Trident/Lumina/Sysadmin and FreeBSD 12, I can only appreciate and admire how much work TrueOS desktop and/or Project Trident devs did/do on top of FreeBSD kernel. Now, that I run just FreeBSD-11.2 and plain Lumina, I miss AppCafe, SysAdmin’s ipfw, services and other handy GUI sys management tools.
Tho, I’m OK playing vanilla FreeBSD-11.2. It helps me learn even more “howto” Lumina, ipfw and rc services, in B&W tty and/or QTerminal.

Thanks to all devs and users, on here, who support, test and help TrueOS and Project Trident, you are great bunch! @

I’ll keep’n touch and eye on things here to see what develops :slight_smile:


Like you are talking from the bottom of my heart!

For some weeks now I am switching my daily driver from TrueOS 18.03 (Lumina) to FreeBSD 11.2 (Openbox). I liked TrueOS desktop much better but for the main system, stability and staying current is of utmost importance. Testing Trident is interesting and there is still hope to establish it to be my next main system but the development from Release Candidate 1 to RC2 wasn’t very promising.

My thanks also go to the developers and @RodMyers of course! Thank you for your hard work!


I’m in the same boat. I’m using TrueOS EDGE 201803 but I don’t know how much longer I can go without, at a minimum, security patches. I’m a heavy iocage user too. I keep holding out, hoping that some upgrade path will appear.


according to the lead trueos dev. THE ONLY path he has planned (and that could change) from 1803 to any distro using trueos (Project Trident and/or GhostBSD) will be via Boot Environments

We have NO control over that


It’s not perfect, but our only option.

I’m using RC1 on my daily driver right now


I think that the Bleeding Edge Tech, in Trident and/or Ghost, is all about “Beauty and the Beast”, where the new script got bit more complicated than the original version and the new production needs more human resource, more polishing and bigger budget. Sadly, I’m not able to help with any of those, because I’m too poor financially and I don’t have any software coding skills :frowning:

In my opinion, the premise and focus of *BSD was/is security and simplicity in TCP/IP server OS. Once you start adding varieties with extra libraries and dependencies to support old rustic or new exotic additions to the good running engine, you will most likely compromise *BSD and bleed it to death (Linux comes to my mind). This might not cause issues for users who play FreeBSD in GUI Wm/desktop(s) on top of cutting edge kernel for testing and fun. But, if one wants to employ *BSD as server OS, in production environment, the cutting edge tech with new installs to BE are out of consideration to run stable or reliable system as whole, especially with kernel virtualization/chroot/jail environments.

All I can say that I had/have good luck utilizing TrueOS then, and now plain FreeBSD with Lumina and TCP/IP servers in jails . My systems did/do take tremendous amount of abuse from global TCP/IP sniffers, bots and hacktards looking for open proxies, email relays or trying their best to break or break into my jail’s sshd, https, smtpd, imap or sql. Thus far, the *BSD beast is holding up.

And, I will play Trident, or whatever next for bleeding FreeBSD edge, later when I find cheap to buy desktop PC suitable for the task.


And is that a problem (assuming you have enough space available)? From what I understand of BEs wouldn’t it just mean this?

  1. “upgrade” to a new BE
  2. delete the old BE(s) when you’re comfortable with the upgrade

Sounds like a version of how I upgrade Mac OS X:

  1. clone to a 2ndary disk
  2. upgrade the 2ndary, boot off that disk and test
  3. clone back to the main disk when everything works as it should


For some people, yes that is a problem :frowning:

At the moment, none of the older setting are carried forward, which they appear to find a problem


Ah, yes. Losing settings is a problem, a big one IMHO. There should always be a possibility to keep or migrate them (the compatible ones at least) and there’s rarely a reason not to.


it’s on the list. that ever growing list :frowning: .

until trueos stabilizes, then other things can be looked at


Well if that upgrade involves making installation medium, that is a problem. Why so, well I may be somewhat stupid or so, but when I make bootable installation usb-stick, use it and want to use it to something else again…formatting a stick is not easy, easiest way I found out was to use low-level formatting tool. Normal formatting tools don’t work, somehow even BSD or Linux dd did not work. And it may be a coincidence, but last I did it my USB stick malfunctioned soon after that.


No idea. On linux nor on *bsd, never had issues with the “dd” command.

if you are unable to create an install media, no idea.

looking at the base OS (trueos), there is NO upgrade path, with the major changes they have done. That would need the users to create “bug” reports to trueos. And I can kind of tell you what will happen. They will be closed.

Project Trident & ghostBSD are following trueos., we can only do what we can do


Well it may be that dd failed because stick was already malfunctioning, but not so bad that I’d noticed it yet :slight_smile:


that very well is the case.