Life Preserver does nothing


I wrote in my server name, my username, password, the domain the server is at. I gave my server user access to zroot/backup (both chown and with zfs allow), and it does nothing. I just want it to automatically upload the snapshots and everything to my dedicated server.

Is it not supposed to say its doing anything?

It seems when I press save it clears my password (its blank when I edit settings). I have no idea how to diagnose it.

Shouldn’t it tell me what is wrong?

It should have a test button to test the ssh connection at least, and a more verbose mode so you can see what its doing.

lpreserver_failed.log says:

Failed with command:\n | \n
\nSending log:\n
full send of tank@20170109 estimated size is 11.5K
\nRecv log:\n
Killed by signal 15.
of tank@20170109 into zroot/backup/trueos-3620@20170109


as discussed on gitter.

this is not over a lan, but over the internet.

Not sure that it matter, but just adding info


:thumbsup: to that wish.


Upgrading the server I was life preserving to, from 10.3 to 11 solved the issue. So it is probably some zfs features that was enabled on trueOS not supported by 10.3. There should be some error message implemented for this, so the user is aware what is wrong (preferably with information on how to disable the offending zfs features on trueOS, some of them bring no substantial benefit).

Problems replicating ZFS snapshots to a FreeNAS

I just discovered that illumos gate - Feature #2605: want to resume interrupted zfs send - (previously Partial/incremental ZFS send/receive) was closed with a commit in 2015. Cool. mentions interrupted receive and so on.