LibreOffice Impress, projector problems


Hello everyone,

I needed to give a presentation I made my presentation on LibreOffice Impress, and then I plugged in my laptop (Dell Latitude E5500) I plugged in the VGA cable and the projector went to auto refresh and found nothing. I was looking for the CRT/LCD function button, but this one has an actual (little blue) picture of a laptop and a screen. I hit the function key + that and it still didn’t do anything.

I borrowed a Windows laptop that was recognized during auto refresh, and I had to open LibreOffice Impress file in Microsoft Power Point, and I think they disagree on a few things, my fonts weren’t right, my spacing was off, etc…

Is there any way to get a TrueOS laptop to display video on a projector?


I use TrueOS for presentations all the time. You just need to open up the display manager and turn on the projector monitor before opening libreoffice or your other application for the presentation.
Lumina-pdf also works really well for that if your presentation was saved in pdf format (which libreoffice can do just fine).


One of my co-workers took the projector out of town for the whole week, so I can’t test it out. I just had question, do you use VGA or HDMI?.. I was using VGA, but that didn’t work, I have another laptop that has HDMI out, that I can try out next week though.


It does not matter if it is VGA or HDMI - it just depends on if your system detects/supports that external monitor output (usually tied into whether you are using the right graphics driver for your system).


I was about to start a new thread, but then i found this with a similar query.

I need to connect a projector to my laptop. I tried to connect it to my TV with HDMI as a test and it came out a little strange.

At first it shows the computers start up process, then it comes to the login screen but without showing the login prompt. I see it however on the laptop’s screen and after login the TV only shows the TrueOS wallpaper, but no desktop icons nor the main menu button. I tried several different screen resolutions, but it had no effect.

Then I tried to run some programs. I was able to see LibreOffice Impress (PowerPoint) but nothing else like a video in VLC is not working. I get it on the laptop’s screen, but not on the TV.

Can this be done to work somehow? The laptop also has a VGA connector would that work better? My don’t have that, but the projector I will use next week has both HDMI and VGA.

I looked for the setting that @beanpole135 said, but the closest thing i find is in:
Settings => Lumina Screen Configuration.
SysAdm Device Manager => display where I find “vgapci0” and “vgapci1” but no hdmi. OT does hdmi only when it’s connected?


It may depend on what type of machine you have.
For example, I have a T420 that has optimus graphics and some ports are only connect to certain graphic cards. The i915 is connected to the laptop display and the VGA port, but the Nvidia is connected to the laptop display, displayport, and VGA port.

Your description seems to indicate that you have two cards. You can check this by running xrandr in a terminal and you can see the ports that are enabled in X.

Since on FreeBSD you can only have one active in optimus (for now). You may have to enable the other card to get a certain port to work.


It’s an Acer Aspire 1810TZ with Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics
Only change, I have replaced the HDD for a SSD. It has Bluetooth but no Mobile Broadband. Otherwise all specs are as shown in the link.

I tried to connect it to the TV again, but no hdmi shows up in SysAdm Device Manager => display, still only “vgapci0” and “vgapci1” and there is nothing you can turn on or off, just mark the text and I don’t find any projector monitor as @beanpole135 suggested above.
Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place? Please correct me if so.

Possible to formatting NTFS inside TrueOS?

For KDE/GTK applications like Libreoffice, you need to completely restart the application after changing around the monitor settings (such as adding a new monitor to the session) before the app can see/use the new monitor for presentations.


I did plug in the HDMI from the TV in this case, haven’t tried from a projector yet (I don’t have it here), before I started up the computer. I’ll test it on the projector the coming weekend with both HDMI and VGA.
The second monitor shows up in Lumina Screen Configuration and it shows LibreOffice Impress on the TV-screen, but it doesn’t show the desktop icons, main menu, VLC-player etc.

I don’t really know what GTK is more than I found from a search on the web that looks like some graphical app . The laptop is TrueOS/Lumina, but I use KDE-baseapps in it. Does it make any difference if I open the apps from Dolphin or Insight?

Anyway, I have a backup plan to use a friends Windows machine and I have the presentation on an USB-pin and even converted to Powerpoint.ppt so Windows can read it. But it would be nice if I could use my own and advertise TrueOS at the same time :grinning:

Just an interesting notice about LibreOffice Impress.odp vs. MS Office Powerpoint.ppt
.odp formats the text automatically, while .ppt does not. When I opened the to .ppt converted presentation in Windows it showed up with giant characters and what was inside one slide in LibreOffice was way to large in Powerpoint and I had to reformat it all or it would look really strange if I have to run it in Windows.


I had the presentation this last weekend and I was able to use my computer with TrueOS connected to the projector by a VGA cord and everything worked great, both LibreOffice Impress, showing videos and sound by the 3,5 mm. output. So it was a success :slight_smile:

However, I been thinking why it didn’t work with HDMI when I tested it on my TV. So I looked into the computers user manual and found something interesting.

  • At the VGA-port it says: “Port for external monitor. Connection to a display device (eg external monitor, LCD projector).”
  • At the HDMI-port it just says: “HDMI-port. Has support for digital video connections of high definition type.”

Could it be that the computer is too old so it don’t supports this type of connection?
It’s an Acer Aspire 1810TZ that I bought used. It was sold new 7-8 years ago, but it’s in good shape, it uses the older DDR2-type memory, it’s built for Windows 7 and it doesn’t have UEFI.
Or could it be that the computer and TV aren’t compatible with each other?

If so, what do you think are the chances that a HDMI cord from the NVIDIA card on my desktop computer will work? Reason I’m asking is that I’m thinking of buying a long HDMI cord and use the TV as a second computer screen.


HDMI has been around for a while, newer TVs may have a newer version of HDMI, it should be backwards compatible. It could also mean “HDMI as an input”, something like hook a video camera up and playback on the laptop. Double check that the HDMI is enabled in the BIOS (may not be a way to disable it). Boot the laptop with the TV connected and powered on, check the log files (dmesg, X) for anything that indicates it may be detected.

If not, may not be compatible.


There aren’t much setting options. The BIOS menu has only Information, Main, Security, Boot, Exit and everything except Main is irrelevant in this caseand in there are only settings for Quiet Boot, Network Boot, F12 Boot Menu, D2D Recovery, SATA Mode and that’s all.

Except that I’ve tried it all like I said here…It connects, and I get the wallpaper and am able to open LibreOffice, but I don’t get the main menu nor the desktop icons and videos don’t show up