Latest Install on NUC


So my initial/only install of TrueOS was in Nov 2016, been simply doing upgrades along the stable path as I went along.
Finally scrounged up some extra hardware (NUC with i3 CPU, Intel graphics, 16GB memory, 256GB mSata, UEFI boot) and grabbed the latest unstable (05Aug2017 I believe) and went at it.
I must say “I’m impressed” with the latest version of the installer, everything went smoothly, no issues at all, much better than it was almost a year ago.
This is going to be a “play box” following unstable, but if anyone is looking for a small footprint reasonably performing desktop, don’t overlook the Intel NUCs.
Matt Dillon over at DragonFly BSD has been using one for a little bit:


Thanks for that!
We have been doing a lot with streamlining TrueOS UNSTABLE in preparation for the Dec 2017 update to the “STABLE” branch and I am glad to hear you like the way it is shaping up!