King of *nix is abdicating his kindom


It’s a sad day in the world of Linux kernel


The Biltchute statement is a total falsehood. The consenus on the Big Daddy Linux show last night was that Linus’s leave of absence for self improvement in working with people will be good for the project as his replacement is know to be able to work with people without turning them away with personal attacks. It does not require personal attacks on people whose ideas may not be the best for the kernel to keep the quality of the code to a high level. I suspect the quality of the kernel will get better as more people will be willing to work on it.


This isn’t the right place for politics. But my reaction is just WHY?
I just don’t understand why those SJW-whoosies are attacking Linus Torvalds. What has he ever done to them?

Well, I’m not very fond of Linux, mainly due to that I see it as bounced parts. That’s why I’ve chosen BSD.

On the other hand, I’m not very fond of SJW’s either (yes, we have them in Sweden too) since they destroy things, smash shop windows etc. and I think they should be put to jail for a long long time. Or since they like communism maybe they should be sent to some old gulag-camp in Siberia :rofl: :wink:


+1, Well said.


All one has to do is read some comments from Linus in any of the kernel mailing lists. He can be brutally blunt on technical issues, which as an engineer I find refreshing. If he thought something was bad, he told you so. Too many people take the technical disagreements as personal attack instead of seeing it for what it is. But, one can also take a strong stance and say it better :). Personally, I think there is a little bit of burnout (even though he disputes that) and he needs a little time off. I agree with @bwheater, especially his first sentence.