Keyboard annoyance


I have updated successfully to 18.12-U8. U8 continues with an annoyance that first began on TrueOS-18.03 and continued through all Trident versions. After booting, at the Lumina login screen, the system ignores the first key press. From that point forward the keyboard works flawlessly. My work-around has been to tap the shift key before typing my login password. My hardware is a Zareason Alto laptop which has had its keyboard replaced. Certainly not an earth shaking problem. Is this normal? Suggestions? Thanks. Richard.



are you sure that the input has the focus? Meaning input field has blinking cursor?

i’ve been using pcBSD -> trueoes -> Project Trident,



There is a blinking cursor. Tapping the shift key changes nothing that I can see. I’ve tried to move the pointer to the cursor and click it but that does not cause the system to recognize the first key press. If I forget to tap the shift key, repeating the first character of the password works. Thanks for the reply. Richard