Kernel: WARNING: autofs_task:


can you roll back to a working Boot Environment (BE0, and re-upgrade?


RodMyers, I already did it! What more do I can to do? The problem all it’s not mounting other partitions, nor my HD external … but I got the Internet work again … the question it’s the automounting now, did you understand?


Very quick unverified answer to help you out I hope.

You need automountd running (and presumably autounmountd).
The easy way to do it is through the Service Manager in the Control Panel; Just change Running to true, and change the Start at Boot instruction as well if you want.
I’m not sure about the Start at Boot status - it may create spurious messages - but you can always turn it off again.

Good luck.


In my case, I could to create a entry on the file “fstab”, but the devices are differents on the TrueOS … Someone can help me??? The “automountd” doesn’t working … but I don’t need he start in the boot, ok!


Difficult for me to comment further except to ask - what does the Control Manager say - does it say that automountd is running. Not automount - but automountd.
If that is running and you’re still having problems - there must be a serious misconfiguration somewhere.
Good luck.


I think to be the entry on the Grub2 from the Ubuntu, it’s how below:

menuentry “TrueOS ZFS Loader” {
insmod part_gpt
insmod chain
set root=’(hd0,gpt2)'
chainloader /EFI/Boot/bootx64-trueos.efi

Maybe that is the problem … I think …