Just letting you all know


I have closed and “LOCKED” threads that are older than 1 year.

They “may” hold valuable info, but…

At least 2 STABLE releases have happened, and way more than that for UNSTABLE.

Feel free to ask question, if necessary.



Very good. I hate when old threads get resurrected, but like having them available for viewing purposes.

We’ve been here more than a year already?


almost 2 years


I fully support. Especially when innovations have touched on this problem, they corrected it and the previous weather fix is not working.
Everything is moving, everything is changing - the philosophy of progress.


Only because something is a year old it is not necessarily obsolete. If the last post to a thread is one year old, I concur to assess this discussion as finished. Then a lock I think to be helpful. Sometimes one misses the age of a thread. There is no problem with locking as long as users are permitted to open new threads but there are different point of views: several threads about similar topics or one long thread with a broad discussion. May be there are topics where the latter is the better way.