JDK keeps getting removed on updates


Hey guys,

My JDK keeps getting deleted on updates. I’m sure I can just lock it in pkg, but I was wondering if I’m doing something silly that’s causing this? I don’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday so I’m not 100% how I installed it last time, but I think it was just from pkg.



you’re not alone. this thread had look at my system, and my jdk was missing as well


hmmm… locking in pkg didn’t help.


I must confirm.
(That’s one more thing that’s bothering me: even after pkg install openjdk8 back, I can’t start NetBeans IDE successfully. Maybe it’s something related to JFX. When I get more information, I’ll come back here. I’m stuck with April STABLE update so far.)

Edit: For no apparent reason, NetBeans started working fine in this June STABLE updated boot environment yesterday evening. Now I’m going to install the missing pieces and try to work here from now on.


Info in case it helps to narrow down:

I have laptop on TrueOS since december. On, as far as I remember every, update ,except the one before last, leiningen, openjdk and javavmwrapper vanished. Every time installing leiningen from appCafe brought everything back.