Jails GUI for Lumina


The top cherry on the PCBSD was the Warden. An easy, working and unique way of enjoying the FreeBSD goodies.
The Jails makes FreeBSD unique in the *nix world and a simple GUI for it will push TrueOS to its true glory and recognition.
I know there is much work to do but please make Jail’s GUI a priority.

Thank you!

Recommanded jail management utility

It is already in the works.
I have most of the API calls updated for the “iocage” class within SysAdm already. I am just waiting to commit/enable them until I can get a newer build of the new python-based iocage package (had to talk to the dev and get a few more CLI options added/changed first - waiting to test the new stuff before I turn it on for everyone).
Once the backend API calls are tested and committed, I will be putting together a nice GUI within the SysAdm client for it as well.




Although it’s slightly OT, I feel I have to reply to this:

That’s not quite true - Solaris and all the OSs that build on that foundation (read: illumos-based distros) have zones (which admittedly were initially copied from BSD jails) with, AFAIK, their own set of improvements that may make them interesting to look at.



I agree with TheBiggestSmallOne. Warden was/is my choice of chroot (jail) util. Tho, I don’t care if it has GUI. I actually prefer to deal with Warden in CLI.

Why? because it is simple, handy enough for creating quick FreeBSD world to test things and ez enough to manage and deal with it. And lastly, I can read and understand Warden’s scripts.
I don’t want to dig into man pages that read like PhD theses, just to find the most important set of commands and switches to control any *NIX based utility.

I tried too many so called OS level/VBS (VBS=Virtual BullShit) schemes on various OS platforms, that made my head spin.
In FreeBSD/TrueOS – chroot, raw jails, iocage, ezjails, Docker
In Linux: chroot, LXC, Docker
In MSO$: Docker, Hyper-V, Containers

None of the above provided me with a simple solution, like Warden, that I needed for testing of my TCP/IP services to the outside world, such as: httpd, smtpd, sshd and and few others.