Jails, Ezjail, iocage?


Wondering what the best and most current way to manage jails are? Is iocage the new recommended method? I heard that iocage is supposed to be rewritten in Go, but it seems that it was instead rewritten in Python 2.7?

So far I’ve been fiddling withezjail, but the documentation for Ezjail Flavours is a bit lacking, and I can’t find many examples. Does anyone by chance have an Apache, MariaDB, PHP flavour laying around I could have?


Still very new to jails myself.

That said, from what I’ve read, using jail itself is very capable. Most info recommends to start with jail (and configuring via jail.conf), then when/if you find something lacking, or have an issue that is solved with a jail manager like ezjail/iocage/cbsd move to one if those. Repeat.

Edit: Apologies for the necrobump.