Is there a way to install TrueOS with encrypted geli usign EFI?


I bought HP Envy 13-d004no couple weeks ago. First I installed FreeBSD in to it but there was so many problems that I decide to install and test TrueOS instead.

When I started install, I found that disk encryption was greyed out. After googling a while, I found that there’s a bug and disk encryption do not work with EFI.

But with FreeBSD I had encrypted disk, so is it possible to install TrueOS like that?

I’m using TrueOS-Desktop-17.12-x64-USB installation media.


On FreeBSD-12.0-CURRENT UEFI/GELI/encryption is broke. The patch is working it’s way through their testing.


Do you know timetable when new installation media is released? Is there any benefits if use UEFI instead of legacy bios with TrueOS?


From what I gather. Last week, testing was done, and approved to back into 12.0, as the when that happens, no idea


I’ve got an HP 15 I wanted to put it on, of course one would want Geli full disk encryption…

Any chance there’s an unstable with this working ?

Sorry I don’t know where to look to find out.



still broke, won’t work


OK, thanks for update.