Introducing the TrueOS Linebacker


I wanted to take the time to formally introduce the new TrueOS Linebacker: @TerryTate

Some people will think I’m crazy for bringing Terry on board, but he promises to increase productivity by at least 40%. I am a firm believer in “outside-the-box” thinking. The synergy between Terry and TrueOS will forever improve our forum paradigm.

Terry has done very well with the rest of the TrueOS team, and we all see him as part of the family now.

To find out a little more about Terry, feel free to check out his free web series on improving office productivity:


Why only three sets of guidelines for TrueOS Community?

I could link to all three, but

Please refrain from excessive linking in threads.

– so I’ll wait for the linebacker (a word I had never heard in the UK) to read, and share a link to, the first :slight_smile:


We realized that TrueOS never posted some kind of “code-of-conduct” for users of discourse, so we decided to emulate the forum rules for a few other very popular projects (FreeBSD, FreeNAS, etc…). Since enforcing these kind of rules can be quite discouraging for those getting disciplined, we decided to contract-out and hire @TerryTate to bring his special brand of smack-down to forum enforcement procedures. This helps to alleviate tension and bring some mirth to an otherwise discouraging task.

Terry’s rules for discourse can be found HERE (don’t worry - they are much more lenient than most other forum rules and really simple to follow).
If you happen to get a visit from Terry during your time here, don’t take it personally. He is simply here to ensure that TrueOS remains a very friendly and welcoming community.

As for the “three” sets of guidelines for TrueOS, they are all very different types of documents for very different types of situations, so I will try to summarize them here:

  1. The TrueOS Community Guidelines : These detail how to get involved with the project, earn a commit bit to our source repositories, and the general organization of the project.
  2. Terry’s Rules for Discourse : This a general “code-of-conduct” for how to interact with other people in the TrueOS community (discourse, gitter, other chat channels).
  3. Bug Reporting Guidlines : This is a general set of guidelines for the best ways to submit bug reports to the TrueOS project if you actually want a developer to look at the issue.

I hope this helps!


Yeah, it helps, but the omission of the original guidelines – the set that preceded the three above – is amusing enough for me to not take the most recent set too seriously :slight_smile:


If you are referring to the FAQ that was buried in the Discourse menus, we just replaced that with the official guidelines mentioned above. That FAQ was just the blanket/default suggestions that the discourse software came with out of box (and listed under the “Staff” category - so we did not realize it was available through a special public redirect).

We take official documentation very seriously for the TrueOS project and sometimes take our time writing up replacements for auto-generated documents to ensure they best fit the needs of the project.


Please know that at least one of the revised guidelines is literally impossible to follow.

Following another guideline will increase the risk of duplication.

Another guideline warns that duplicates will be deleted. And so on.

This most recent set of guidelines is too anti-this, anti-that for my liking. It can be dressed up with a sense of humour, but there’s an underlying sense of negativity.

I preferred the original guidelines, which were probably as shown at … less negativity. If those had been read and respected by more people in the early days, things would be happier now.