Intel video card


HI all,
i write from Italy, i tried to install TruOS on my new PC with Intel cards, but in graphical installer my video card is unknow, the text is small and i can’t continue to install. Can you help me? Normally i use Sabayon Linux, but i am very interesting to BSD. Thank you for help.


Hello Davide, italian friend (i’m french). Do you know exactly the intel card you use?


Salut Chris, quel plaisir savoir que il y a un francais qu’il me reponds, bien, j’ai une card Integrèe Intel (Gen 7) graphics.


C’est quel chipset ?


me voilà…Intel Quad-Core Processor J1900 (2 GHz) integrata
Scheda Madre: ASRock Q1900M
Scheda Video: Integrata Intel (Gen 7) graphics
Audio: Integrata 5.1 canali HD Audio
RAM: DDR3 4GB PC1333






try the modesetting driver


But modesetting driver on UEFI?


or uninstall Xf86 intel video?


UEFI intel driver is modesetting


And then…what i have to do?


laptop or box?

can you take a snap shot/picture of the install screen?


Box, tonight i send you a picture of installation, but the first screen is for the language choose (very small)


is it a lenovo, by chance?


No, it’s not a Lenovo, is assembled PC


I only seen modesetting in a youtube installation video of TrueOS, during my installation this screen don’t appear.


in that case, skip picking a video driver or use vesa.

i have nto done an install in a while

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