Installing Trident


What is this Shell and what options should I use?


It refers to the terminal, I believe. Where you type commands. I just left it with the default. It is a bit more complicated than others, but all you have to do is type “q” when it comes up and you are good to go.


Do you know which shell is the best to use though?


I tried zsh and it didn’t work for me… csh worked like a champ.


Do you know which one is the best to use though?


There is no “best” shell for everyone. Bash is the standard shell on Linux, csh or tcsh is the one that used to be the default on previous versions of TrueOS.

I prefer tcsh


I prefer csh.

Go figure.


@Sergio at least we are mostly compatible in that choice.
My Opinion follows:
In general csh/tcsh is better for physically doing things in a console/terminal window and
sh/bash are better if you are doing a lot of scripting.

zsh and ksh I’ve never really used.


for me see csh is the best which as I understand it doesn’t exist anymore it’s all tcsh. So when we choose csh it’s actually just a sym link to tcsh… I tried to switch to zsh because it looks like it will be the new default shell for trident, but when half the stuff I used didn’t work I quickly changed back to csh (which I think is really tcsh).


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