Installing Trident -19/12 prerelease on a Acer Aspire E15 (Optimus video) (Solved)


Dear TrueOs/Trident friends.

I’m unable to install Prereleases of Trident on my Laptop.
It is a Acer Aspire With a Nvidia Geforce GTX 950M.
Of course i get problems with this f… Optimus.

My Laptop runs perfectly TrueOS 18.03 and i try to install Trident in a new BE as explain in the migrations notes.

Installation runs correctly, the message “Launching Trident installer” appears, i wait for GUI installer. Xorg starts but after 1min approx screen initialisation fails. I get few white pixels at the top of the screen. System hangs.

The only solution is to reboot and coming back to the last BE in TrueOs 18.03.
I’m sure it’s because of Optimus.

Need some help.


Do you have the latest Acer BIOS installed?

Have you configured the Acer BIOS to UEFI mode?

What is the output of pciconf(8) -lv and dmidecode(8) on your working
TrueOS 18.03 install?

What is the /etc/X11/xorg.conf on your working TrueOS 18.03 install?



with the optimus, you have to turn one off in BIOS. otherwise … :frowning:


I have similar problem. The installer media stops before the Trident installer screen (time zone setup, place to install edit etc) can to appear, and I can see only the login prompt. The problem is same in legacy BIOS mode and UEFI mode. :frowning:
I can see this error message:
" xinit server error
xinit: unable to connect to xserver. Can’t assign requsted address ."

But, try to write the installer .iso for an USB key (don’t worry,I know this is an .iso not an .img file :slight_smile: ) and try the install from this USB key in legacy BIOS mode, this woks for me! Before the Trident installer screen appear first my Acer BIOS welcome screen appear (“Acer explore behind the limits”), but after few seconds the Trident’s installer screen will be visible and usable :slight_smile:

Some information for the optimus problem, from the linux world:


I burn the 19-12 iso on a USB stick and the installer launch !!!
But not possible to install in a new BE.
As RodMyers said, i’m gonna try the same operation with RC2.

More info, my BIOS is out of date but the only solution for Acer is an update of the bios from an installed Windows… And my LAptop is TrueOs powered. How to make a boot USB stick with Bios update ???


Trying with RC2 and 19-12 install. The install in a New BE is unselectable.
Unable to install Trident in a new BE…


Probably a dumb suggestion, but try changing the ISO download’s extension to .img from .iso before putting it on the USB stick. That specifically was causing me a lot of headache earlier.


Well in fact now the installer launch perfectly. The only problem is that the “install in a new BE” is greyed. The only solution i have is a fresh install. As i have many Gigs of date on this PC, i need a long backup on an external disk (140Go) before installing. Backup running now.
I’m not very happy to write this message from my Wife’s Windows Laptop…:grimacing::triumph:


Total victory !! Installation from the 19.12 iso burned on a usb stick is done.
Unable to install in a new BE, so fresh install after backup of all my important data.
Absolutely no problem during install, installer detect a Nvidia video card (GTX950M) and install the last Nvidia drivers (nvidia-modesetting) directly. Tuning after install running with Octopkg and mate Desktop.
A lot of handshake to the devs for the amazing work. Running BSD again Yeah !!!


Before you update your BIOS, first check the capabilities of the new BIOS!!!
Because I think maybe the “legacy” BIOS optin will miss from the new BIOS!!! First ask the Acer support!!!