Installing to boot environment


I’m attempting to install into a new boot environment but it tells me to create a new admin password, not a big deal, but when it gets to creating a user I’m a little confused.

Do I need to put in the information for the user I previously had and want to keep, do I leave it blank (I don’t know if it will even let me leave it blank) or do I have to create a new user and then delete it once the system is up and running?

I don’t want to wipe my old user accounts. Any help is greatly appreciated.


not, that has not been figured out.

yes it sucks. but @beanpole135 has that on his list.


Ok, so it’s best not to mess with it for now and don’t run the install? Thank you for the quick responses


installing it is fime.

this is RC1 inside a BE

just make sure you select BE


Oh ok, so my plan is to make a new user, use the same admin password and just delete the new user once I’m in and I’ll be able to just keep logging in to my old users as normal.

Sorry for asking simple questions like this. Couldn’t find a solid answer anywhere and I haven’t used boot environments in this way. Just don’t want to mess it up.


no. make the same user. it won’t touch the ~/home, the you are good to go


Thank you very much for the help.