Installation Hangs on atkbd0: [GIANT-LOCKED]


I can’t get passed this when installing TrueOS! I tried FreeBSD and it installs but TrueOS just hangs at atkbd0.


There are known issues with the current iso/img files

They are working on new images

Checkout -->


There is problem to make update system via command line or via graphical tool… ( 20170331 and previus ) After system has made packages update and computer reboot - Xorg error is shown. Fresh install is hanging on when i try add new user… ( 20170331 ISO ) Sory for my English im writting from poland


Your English is better than my Polish, so no don’t worry.
Are you having problems on real hardware or virtual machine? If real hardware, Nvidia or Intel or AMD graphics?
Do you have a working boot environment you can roll back to? (Output of beadm list command will help)


im working on real hardware. Intel Xeon, GPU Intel GMA 31 and second machine Intel Celeron G1620T, GPU intel ivy bridge. Both machine the same problem. I cant install ISO 20170331. It hanging on screen when i should add user… Prevoius ISO dated on January can be installed but i cannot upgrade to 20170331… XORG error balck screen after reboot, no PCDM, no GUI.
Two different machines - the same problem - something wrong is with the iso 20170331…???


PS . i cannot give you output from BE because i have installed openBSD… Rather waiting for help


No problem, OpenBSD is good too. I think there is something wrong with 20170331, may have been problems with a build machine and something got messed up.


Just confirming that I have the same problem here. This is on VirtualBox 5.1.22 (latest as of today), fresh install using TrueOS-2017-04-21-x64-DVD.iso. Attached is showing the console and some of the vm settings.


There are known issues with TrueOS being installed/running in any virtual environment.

More importantly, and not good thing, VirtualBox has changed something internally that is screwing with FreeBSD, TrueOS, and OSX. Noone is really sure what is happening :frowning: