Install under hyper-v



Newcomer to trueos, trying my first install under hyper-v/windows 10.

It hangs up during install, just after ‘using system config directory “/usr/loca/share/X11/xorg.conf/d”’.

Settings are:

Generation 1.
8096 MB ram
127gb ide disk

Anyone tried a hyper-v install of late?


Scott Franco
San Jose, CA


Have you tried both EFI, and BIOS boot options with hyper-v? Are you able too?


The “generation 1/generation 2” option controls this. However, selecting the generation 2 option with UEFI results in:

  1. SCSI DVD (0,1) The unsigned image’s hash is not allowed (DB)
  2. Network adapter (00155D018000) DHCP failed.
  3. SCSI Disk (0,0) No UEFI-compatible file system was found.

Looks like it is running into UEFI boot protection.

FWIW, I was able to load and run FreeBSD into a generation 1 mode virtual machine.


So I went ahead and installed on real machine/disk. It is coming up on that. Same ISO.


What make/model of computer?

Sounds like an older BIOS

Also to rule out TrueOS, grab 12/0-CURRENT and try booting that. TrueOS is tracking CURRENT so you need to try that


Wouldn’t doubt it. Its about a 10 year old Asus MB.


I have a laptop like that, and the manufacturer has no plans on updating the BIOS to fix it :frowning:


So I tried installing the latest TrueOS under Hyper-V on Windows 10. I tried both the Gen 1 and Gen 2.

Gen1 did not boot the live cd. The kernel loaded but when attempting to run the graphical installer something failed (looks xorg ish).


Gen2 would not boot the live cd unless I turned off secure boot. There was an option for something called OpenSource Shield but it didn’t help. The live cd booted and I got the graphical installer. The mouse wouldn’t work, but I was able to tab through the basic setup (nicely done guys!). I finished the installer and rebooted without the CD. It went to some weird land-of-misfit-gifs-from-1999 boot recovery screen that said something about mounting from MSDOS partition. That boot system tried to load from the CD drive (which I had removed). I tried this twice, so it wasn’t just a failed installation.



So the “land-of-misfit-gifs-from-1999 boot recovery” is the new boot Manager!

OMG, like a REAL Boot Manager?

I’m intrigued…


FreeBSD works on Hyper-V.
TrueOS-10 works on Hyper-V.
PC-BSD worked on Hyper-V.
Microsoft claims Hyper-V supports FreeBSD, and TrueOS is built upon FreeBSD. Someone broke TrueOS’s ability to install of work on Hyper-V. What happened, and why isn’t it fixed yet?