Icons on desktop: persistant position and cd0.desktop undeletable


Hi all, few days ago I had answered to rhubarbpie in another post, indicating that a permanent deletion of the cd0.desktop icon (the one named “TRUEOS INSTALL”) was possible by running the command
sudo rm /media/cd0.desktop.
It WAS possible for me before the latest system release. Once installed the new release I discovered that such command hide the icon just for the session, it will reappear there at next startup.
Saying “there” means really in the original position where it appeared the very first time also if it was moved meantime.
And, any other icon on the desktop keeps the position where it appeared when was created, I can move them for the current session but will find them in the original position at next start, including the feed window position, always at the centre of the desktop.
Noway to change anything ?

This happens on my yesterday installation, in VMware workstation environment.
I made 3 previous installation before without experiencing this issue.
Thank you

  1. /media/cd0.desktop entry
    Try removing the TrueOS install ISO from your (virtual) CD drive in VMware. That entry is getting created on boot because the automounting system sees the ISO in the virtual CD drive and is creating the entry to let you know that something is plugged in.

  2. Placement of the desktop widgets/icons in Lumina.
    This was a bug in Lumina which has already been fixed in the source tree. Once version 1.3.0 is released here soon then you will be able to get that update (even on the STABLE track).


1- much True! Did it in previous installations, forgot to disconnect the iso in this one, thank you

2- trust you, although I find funny not having had this issue before, but only this time.
I will survive till the fix