I like the direction of TrueOS


It will adapt Freebsd into the distributions model of Linux. Which I see as a good thing. But it enhances it because it hierarchical and more easily created.

Freebsd is conservative as it should be. Lots of smart stubborn people set in our ways. But now the base system can be changed. We can have distributions focused on their experience without compromise. What can be shared will be shared. The best of conservative and liberal.

And I can easily understand why Ix Systems is a proponent. FreeBSD is superior for embedded devices because of it’s license. Companies can keep their secret sauce as they see fit and will pay Ix Systems to privately help maintain them. Support for those that don’t contribute back to Freebsd will become more expensive.

One of the things I see coming from this is Freebsd’s own GUI. As in graphics system not desktop. Something completely separate from Linux. Many embedded devices have screens… so I can see Ix developing it. And since they are a private company they can get all the NDA documentation. They can create the framework and release it and all the graphics companies will pay them to make binary only drivers. Linux will probably absorb it.