Hyper-V and Remote Desktop


Hi all.
I was trying install TrueOs on Windows8.1 machine under Hyper-V through remote desktop (I don;t have phisical access to machine), but when I tried to use mouse Hyper-V app. mentioned about guest integration systems.
I read some info about it
and for FreeBsd is here

So my question is:
Did you include all necessary drivers from microsoft to make it possible to use Hyper-V through remote desktop ?

I added picture to show issue.


I can’t include as new user more then one picture so here is onother


and another


I checked under Vmware and operate mouse is extremaly difficult. I can say out of control.
here is screenshot. Additionally installation screen is out of proper size


Can’t install


I found out a way to solve issue.
I’ve tried VirtualBox to control installation
Everything works fine.


4 Month later, i’m facing the same problem too. The mouse doesn’t move at all on Hyper-V. Any updates that I’ve missed?


have either of you grabbed the latest ISO/IMG file and tried?

i know the devs have been working on some of that stuff



Checksum are correct


The only “guest additions” packages that I am aware of being available for FreeBSD are for VMware and VirtualBox. If you are able to find a package for HyperV guest additions on FreeBSD, let us know about it and we can add that into the installer fairly simply for you.